My work explores abstraction in painting, site-specific installation and live-performance. My work is process-based through the intimate relationship with the materials that I inspired by, and I create multi-layers abstraction through my gestural approach. 


 Paper, always inspires me by its capacity to be transformed. I focus on the tactility of objects and its inherent materiality. I contemplate the fragility of paper and absorptive qualities as they produce a playful condition. Each sheet of paper is stained crumpled with intuitive gestures. I like to see that they maintain their diversity in the consistency of the systematised process.


 In my painting, I overlap tons of thick and thin, big and small and fast and slow strokes stretched into the canvas and paper. Also, dots, registered stains, oil paint are given their own roles as parts of the image. This painterly approach creates depth and extends the movement of painting elements on the surface.


 Finally, I direct series of collaborative live-performances in order to expose my process of working. Process showing presents the strong moment of creation as its own art form.